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Not a Planet playing Homecoming Bash this friday night at Neptune! October 6, 2011

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Hey guys! Homecoming is fast approaching us, and with homecoming come some kick ass shows! First I want to tell you guys about Luherman, Shaffer, and Check playing saturday night at a house party. This house is affectionately known as the “trumpet house” to the music major crew at UCM, but anyone is welcome to come on over, as long as you aren’t douches! πŸ™‚ It is on Anderson Street, just a couple doors down from the UCC and Ellis.

But the most exciting news is the show that Neptune will have friday night! Some of my all time favorites on the local music scene are all playing one show, and it WILL be the place to be friday night. Bravefellow, Not A Planet, Paperclips, and Boo Radley Project are all playing! So get there early enough that you can see them all, because they are ALL soooooo fantastic!

The guys from Not A Planet did a short interview with us:

ACCENT BURG: What have you learned about being “on the road” that you didn’t really expect?
Liam: I didn’t know incredibly different every single day is. Different kinds of people every day. Different surroundings every day. One day you could play a huge show and end up in the ritziest after party in the most exclusive club, and the next day, play a dive to 3 people.

AB: What encourages you to keep going and keep making music?
Nate: The response to our music is really encouraging. It’s almost always very well received, and that seems rare. It’s encouraging. You can’t stop making music. Can’t stop doing what comes naturally.
Liam: Sometimes I wonder. No one in their right mind would pursue this. But there is nothing that I want to do more, and that’s been true for a long time. You have ups and downs, but if you keep going up in the long run, it keeps you going. This is a long and hard road, but nothing could be more worth the effort.
Ryan: My grandma said, “If you like doing it, you’re probably good at it.” You could quote my grandmother.

AB: Do you play any other instruments than the ones you use in Not A Planet?
Liam: In addition to the drums and vocals I play a little timpani and other percussion instruments. The tambourine, cajon, bongos, that kind of thing.
Nate: I play the ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, in addition to the guitar and singing.
Ryan: Guitar, harmonica, piano & keys, in addition to bass and vocals.

AB: Who/What got you started in music?
Ryan: I had a friend in 7th grade who played guitar. I thought it was cool, so I started playing, too.
Nate: I had to move with my parents when I was 8, so I convinced them to get me a guitar. Sort of a consolation prize for losing all my friends; A black strat. It’s heavily modified now, and I still play it.
Liam: I started the snare drum in the school band when I was about 10. And somewhere between then and now, I started playing the full kit, and decided that was it for me.

AB: What is a typical rehearsal like for Not A Planet?
Nate: Grueling
Liam: We focus on different things for every rehearsal. Right now, we’ll have a harmony practice, then a metronome practice, then a “don’t worry about playing it right, just go crazy!” practice. Then we put ’em all together. We can easily spend an hour or two on songs we’ve been playing for months.

AB: Is there a designated songwriter in the band, or is it a joint effort?
Nate: It’s a joint effort. Depending on the song, there’s always a different process on how it begins. The music is a joint effort to create, and while I write the lyrics, they’re sometimes influenced by words misheard and misinterpreted by the rest of the band.
Liam: Somebody in the band will start goofing on a riff in practice. Then somebody will say they dig it, or just start playing to it. Then others join in, Nate’ll start singing a melody, and we’ll take it from there. By the time most of our songs are done, they’ve gone through more versions than an international plane goes through time zones.

AB: What comes first, the music or the lyrics?
The music. Always the music.

AB: Who would be your dream collaboration, either personally or as the band?
Nate: In my wildest dreams, I would love to collaborate with Paul McCartney.

AB: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
Nate: Keeping a solid lineup.
Liam: It’s hard to be in the infancy of a touring band. We’ve only been around for a little over a year, so just like a new business, the band doesn’t make much money. We elect to put all the money back into the band for now. This means we have to find ways to make money, and holding down a job when you’re hitting the road is a challenge. There’s a reason people call you a starving artist.

AB: IF you had to give up music, what would you do to be creative?
Liam: Graphic design.
Nate: Probably write. No, no. I would produce. Does that count for giving it up?

AB: How can future fans get a hold of your music?
NP: will be the best place to get downloads for free (or sale) and keep in touch with us.

Not A Planet is one of my favorite bands I have heard come through Warrensburg in a long long long long time, so you know that they must be good! They are definitely the band not to miss this friday night at the Neptune (as well as our friends Boo Radley Project).

Find me at either show, Friday or Saturday, and come chat me up! You know I will be there all night for both πŸ™‚

Catch ya Later!



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Warrensburg favorite Jason Vivone and the Billy Bats have been crowned King of the Roots in a competition sponsored by the Missouri Lottery and Columbia’s Blues n Roots n BBQ Festival.

Roots and blues acts from St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia and Springfield took part in regional competitions during the summer. The final showdown was held at the Blue Note in Columbia this past Saturday night.

Vivone and his band The Billy Bats will perform at the Blues n Roots n BBQ Fest in Columbia Saturday September 10th. Other acts scheduled to perform are Mavis Staples, Taj Mahal, Robert Cray, Robert Randolph and Dr. Ralph Stanley.

This February, Vivone has represented Kansas City at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. His backing band The Billy Bats has recently expanded from a North Mississippi influenced two-piece to include banjo, fiddle and percussion.

They will return to Warrensburg Friday September 30th at Neptune’s.

You know I will be there! Come dressed with bat wings to show your love, and get a free drink from me!

Catch Ya Later! congrats guys!


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some great local bands this weekend

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Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in for a quick sec and let you know of two of my favorite local bands are playing this week, Not A Planet and PAPERCLIPS! Not a Planet is thursday night at Neptune, and PAPERCLIPS will be on friday. Thursday will open up with Bravefellow, and Peter Rodenberg will be opening for the Paperclips. Neptune is also having their “Halfy-hour” from 8-10, and everything will be half priced! So come on out and see these guys!




Ludo’s Space Dracula Basketball Expo 8-7-11 August 14, 2011

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Hey guys! What better way to bring Accent Burg back than with a review of my favorite band Ludo!?!?!
They played in Columbia at the Blue Note last Sunday, August 7th. The best thing about a Ludo show??? EVERYTHING!

The theme for this tour was “Space Dracula Basketball Expo”. Each city on the tour had a different theme, either one of the three (Space, Dracula, or Basketball) and some lucky cities, CoMo included, had ALL THREE!!! The guys walked onstage to a medley of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue, Also Sprach, and the classic bball anthem “Are you ready for this?”. We knew this would be a fantastic night.

The night had already been rocking up to this point. With 4 opening bands and doors at 530pm, it was a night filled to the brim of good music. Opening were: Without A Face, Stamps, Tommy and the High Pilots, and Spark’s the Rescue. All 4 were great bands (Without a Face is solo artist Henry Dillard) and here are some links to their stuff. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend checking them out, I already have some of their stuff on order πŸ™‚

Without a Face:
Tommy and the High Pilots:
Spark’s The Rescue:

But now, it was time for Ludo. The crowd was packed. I was lucky enough to get there early, and got a spot pretty close to the stage. The balcony was open as well, and I went up there for a moment during Without a Face, but everyone was just sitting around talking, not feeling the music at all! I was in the old people section!!! That would not do, and I headed back to the floor.

The guys from Ludo never disappoint. I have seen them, oh, probably, at least upwards of 20 times. Back in the day, they used to play here in Warrensburg at the Setlist. (What is now the ultra lame 400 club). Shows back then were just as much fun as this show in CoMo. Seeing these guys play is all about having a good time. I mean, how many bands have you seen with a Moog player?!?! And if you know what a Moog is, even more props. Go right on ahead and pat yourselves on the back, cause you are/were probably a music major at some point in your life. πŸ™‚

One of my favorite things about seeing these guys, aside from all the fun music they play, is that they always play something from each of their albums. With 4 albums out so far, everyone is bound to find a song they know and love. Plus, when the guys play an older song, its kinda fun to look around and see who else is singing along. Ludo Ninja’s can always spot each other across a room. πŸ™‚

It would be hard to pick a favorite song of the night. Or even a favorite moment for that matter. “Hum Along” is still my personal favorite song from these guys, with “Anything For You” coming in a close second. Lead singer Andrew sang a solo version of “Horror of our Love” while the other guys were offstage. The whole crowd, and members of the opening bands, were doing the whipped cream dance while Ludo rocked “Whipped Cream”. If you have ever been to a Ludo show, I know you just smiled to yourself picturing the crowd doing that dance. The boys grabbed acoustics (with Tim C. on melodica πŸ˜‰ ) and asked the audience to sit down on the floor. They then came out and stood among us (p.s. Tim, Tim, and Andrew were all within 4 feet of me, be jealous) and performed “Love Me Dead”. With audience participation, of course! Andrew was so close, I got smacked in the head by his guitar stock on accident when he spun around dancing!! He made up for it, though πŸ™‚ Ludo loves their fans.

So…. I guess I had 5 favorite moments of the night. Nothing will ever top seeing these guys. They have been my fave for years, and will continue to be as long as they keep putting out great music. And oh how they will.

Are you one of the losers that have never heard Ludo?!?!?! Here is your chance to change that right now!! Follow the links below, and enjoy some of my pics from the show.

Catch Ya Later!


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400 CLUB/SETLIST July 1, 2011

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Hey guys! AB was going to be on hiatus until august, BUT there is something we have to talk about. The 400 Club is changing its name back to The Setlist. What do you guys think about this? Is it right for 400 to steal the name Setlist just because they are in the same building????
A few people have contacted me about this, and if you have an opinion please share! If you don’t want to comment on here, send a message to our facebook page, or to me personally on facebook.
After I get a few responses I will compile them all into a pretty great read for you guys.

Catch ya Later!


Jason and the Punknecks TONIGHT at Neptune!! May 27, 2011

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Hey guys! Hope you get to see this before you make plans for tonight, and if you have plans already, well change them!!! Get ready for some rowdy, fun, “punky tonk” tonight down at Neptune!
The wonderful Molly Gene One Whoaman Band is opening, and don’t forget to help her support Joplin relief by visiting her site and helping out.

Here is our interview with Jason, the frontman from Jason and the Punknecks.

ACCENT BURG: Your facebook says “always on tour”. How many shows are you playing?
JASON: 280-300 shows sometimes +

AB: What have been some of your favorite memories from being on the road?
JASON: there way too many to main focus is the fans that over the years have become our best friends,weed and partyin are our favorites includin

AB: What do you love the best about your rock n’ roll lifestyle?
JASON: Freedom,and the Love we recieve from town to town,never bein anywhere 2 long…

AB: Can you describe what “Punky Tonk” means to you?
JASON: inner city punk meetin surburban country folk

AB: Where did the name Jason and the Punknecks come from?
JASON: sittin around Hollywood ca..goin what am i gonna call this

AB: Did you have any other bands before this?
JASON: i did Daphnes Dirty dreams a girl fronted punk we wore g strings and wrestling masks

AB:What are your various backgrounds in music?
JASON: none…lol…i was a chilL entertainer on the d.level i guess…lol

AB: Do you have a secret musical obsession that someone might not guess?
JASON: I love retro music anything queer i like …hell i was raised by the closet Gay step dad that is and numerous gay uncles not related{aunts}lol…lol

AB: Do you have any venues that you absolutely love or hate to play?
JASON: I dont play the ones I hate or the cities I dislike,, St.Louis has been good to us and the whoile state of Florida and the whole west coast..hell I play a lot of places I like… I love what I do

AB: How can future fans get a hold of your music?
JASON: itunes or search Jason and the Punknecks or youtube us…

Sounds like a pretty good time!!!! SEE YOU THERE!! Be the 5th person to mention something you read from this interview and win a free drink!! Delish!

Catch Ya Later!


Local Artist Molly Gene supporting Disaster Relief in Joplin May 24, 2011

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Molly Gene, of Molly Gene’s One Whoaman Band fame, and a local favorite around the Burg, posted this on her facebook earlier today. Please help support Molly and the people of Joplin, Missouri during the devastating time.

To help out the Joplin Tornado Victims all proceeds from CDs or coozies that are purchased on will go to the American Red Cross for the next week. This disaster breaks my heart and has happened so close to home. I feel so lucky to be alive and my family is safe.

Facebook Player for Molly Gene One Whoaman Band | Blues
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band from Warrensburg, MO

What a wonderful idea Molly Gene.