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Ludo’s Space Dracula Basketball Expo 8-7-11 August 14, 2011

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Hey guys! What better way to bring Accent Burg back than with a review of my favorite band Ludo!?!?!
They played in Columbia at the Blue Note last Sunday, August 7th. The best thing about a Ludo show??? EVERYTHING!

The theme for this tour was “Space Dracula Basketball Expo”. Each city on the tour had a different theme, either one of the three (Space, Dracula, or Basketball) and some lucky cities, CoMo included, had ALL THREE!!! The guys walked onstage to a medley of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue, Also Sprach, and the classic bball anthem “Are you ready for this?”. We knew this would be a fantastic night.

The night had already been rocking up to this point. With 4 opening bands and doors at 530pm, it was a night filled to the brim of good music. Opening were: Without A Face, Stamps, Tommy and the High Pilots, and Spark’s the Rescue. All 4 were great bands (Without a Face is solo artist Henry Dillard) and here are some links to their stuff. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend checking them out, I already have some of their stuff on order 🙂

Without a Face:
Tommy and the High Pilots:
Spark’s The Rescue:

But now, it was time for Ludo. The crowd was packed. I was lucky enough to get there early, and got a spot pretty close to the stage. The balcony was open as well, and I went up there for a moment during Without a Face, but everyone was just sitting around talking, not feeling the music at all! I was in the old people section!!! That would not do, and I headed back to the floor.

The guys from Ludo never disappoint. I have seen them, oh, probably, at least upwards of 20 times. Back in the day, they used to play here in Warrensburg at the Setlist. (What is now the ultra lame 400 club). Shows back then were just as much fun as this show in CoMo. Seeing these guys play is all about having a good time. I mean, how many bands have you seen with a Moog player?!?! And if you know what a Moog is, even more props. Go right on ahead and pat yourselves on the back, cause you are/were probably a music major at some point in your life. 🙂

One of my favorite things about seeing these guys, aside from all the fun music they play, is that they always play something from each of their albums. With 4 albums out so far, everyone is bound to find a song they know and love. Plus, when the guys play an older song, its kinda fun to look around and see who else is singing along. Ludo Ninja’s can always spot each other across a room. 🙂

It would be hard to pick a favorite song of the night. Or even a favorite moment for that matter. “Hum Along” is still my personal favorite song from these guys, with “Anything For You” coming in a close second. Lead singer Andrew sang a solo version of “Horror of our Love” while the other guys were offstage. The whole crowd, and members of the opening bands, were doing the whipped cream dance while Ludo rocked “Whipped Cream”. If you have ever been to a Ludo show, I know you just smiled to yourself picturing the crowd doing that dance. The boys grabbed acoustics (with Tim C. on melodica 😉 ) and asked the audience to sit down on the floor. They then came out and stood among us (p.s. Tim, Tim, and Andrew were all within 4 feet of me, be jealous) and performed “Love Me Dead”. With audience participation, of course! Andrew was so close, I got smacked in the head by his guitar stock on accident when he spun around dancing!! He made up for it, though 🙂 Ludo loves their fans.

So…. I guess I had 5 favorite moments of the night. Nothing will ever top seeing these guys. They have been my fave for years, and will continue to be as long as they keep putting out great music. And oh how they will.

Are you one of the losers that have never heard Ludo?!?!?! Here is your chance to change that right now!! Follow the links below, and enjoy some of my pics from the show.

Catch Ya Later!


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