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Jason and the Punknecks TONIGHT at Neptune!! May 27, 2011

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Hey guys! Hope you get to see this before you make plans for tonight, and if you have plans already, well change them!!! Get ready for some rowdy, fun, “punky tonk” tonight down at Neptune!
The wonderful Molly Gene One Whoaman Band is opening, and don’t forget to help her support Joplin relief by visiting her site and helping out.

Here is our interview with Jason, the frontman from Jason and the Punknecks.

ACCENT BURG: Your facebook says “always on tour”. How many shows are you playing?
JASON: 280-300 shows sometimes +

AB: What have been some of your favorite memories from being on the road?
JASON: there way too many to main focus is the fans that over the years have become our best friends,weed and partyin are our favorites includin

AB: What do you love the best about your rock n’ roll lifestyle?
JASON: Freedom,and the Love we recieve from town to town,never bein anywhere 2 long…

AB: Can you describe what “Punky Tonk” means to you?
JASON: inner city punk meetin surburban country folk

AB: Where did the name Jason and the Punknecks come from?
JASON: sittin around Hollywood ca..goin what am i gonna call this

AB: Did you have any other bands before this?
JASON: i did Daphnes Dirty dreams a girl fronted punk we wore g strings and wrestling masks

AB:What are your various backgrounds in music?
JASON: none…lol…i was a chilL entertainer on the d.level i guess…lol

AB: Do you have a secret musical obsession that someone might not guess?
JASON: I love retro music anything queer i like …hell i was raised by the closet Gay step dad that is and numerous gay uncles not related{aunts}lol…lol

AB: Do you have any venues that you absolutely love or hate to play?
JASON: I dont play the ones I hate or the cities I dislike,, St.Louis has been good to us and the whoile state of Florida and the whole west coast..hell I play a lot of places I like… I love what I do

AB: How can future fans get a hold of your music?
JASON: itunes or search Jason and the Punknecks or youtube us…

Sounds like a pretty good time!!!! SEE YOU THERE!! Be the 5th person to mention something you read from this interview and win a free drink!! Delish!

Catch Ya Later!


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