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Jason Vivone from the Billy Bats!!! April 7, 2011

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Hey guys! Here is Accent Burg’s second interview, with Jason Vivone from the band the Billy Bats!! Be sure to check these guys out TOMORROW NIGHT down at Bottomfeeders! Its sure to be a great time, and our fave the Boo Radley Project will be opening for them!! Doors at 9, music rocks at 10. Come find me, and you just may win a prize!!
Catch ya later!
Accent Burg: What genre of music do you consider yourselves to be? What are you major influences when writing new music?
Jason Vivone: We’re party music. Our main influence is the audience. The way they react tells us what we’re doing right.
AB: Can you describe for me how the band formed?
JV: This is actually the Billy Bats 2.0. The original Bats was a two piece — me and a drummer, Zach McCall. The current line up was backing me up at solo gigs as the Vivone Band. When Zach went back to school, we just kind of transferred everyone into the Bats.
AB: Whats your favorite part about playing live music? Any good memories you wish to share?
JV: No show’s ever the same. No matter how tight you rehearse there will always be an X factor. The feel of the room. The dancer who loves you so much they can’t sit down. The character in the song feels different that day.
We had a really good time opening for Fishbone.
AB: How has your music evolved since you first began playing together? Do you have an “ideal sound” you are going for?
JV: The Billy Bats play a lot of different styles of music. More string band elements will creep into play the same time more funk feels do. Blues is always at the heart of where we are. “Ideal sound” would be Ry Cooder’s Ipod.
AB: Has anything embarrassing ever happened on stage?
JV: Ummm…I never know what to do when I’m flashed from the audience. Let’s leave it at that.
AB: If you could pick three musicians, living or dead, to spend an hour with, who would you pick? why?
JV: My grandmother was my first guitar teacher. She played piano and harmonica, too. She just passed away late last year and I wish I could hear her in the next room like I used to. She was self-taught so there were all these unique little lopes in her rhythm. The other two I would like to spend some time with would be Clarence Paul and Lowman Pauling from the Five Royales.
These guys sound pretty groovy, right? Come check them out tomorrow! And, while you are at it, check out the Five Royales. 🙂

2 Responses to “Jason Vivone from the Billy Bats!!!”

  1. Viva la Valentine! Says:

    Thanks for the interview – makes me want to see the show even more! Great questions and interesting answers 🙂

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